Hi there,

I was wondering whether the readers here could post a few links to blogs they find interesting which feature interesting posts on various aspects of low-level computing or assembly language in particular. I'm more than happy to hear about your own blogs and their subject matter.

Of course, I'm already signed up to the RSS feed from this august forum ;)


Posted on 2011-07-21 07:06:13 by michaelg
Good luck with that.  You will be very hard pressed to find a blog about assembly these days.
You will be much better served by perusing the posts within these boards as there are many example questions, responses, theory, and even example code.  I'm not saying there aren't any blogs available, just that those of us who still write assembly share our thoughts on this board as well as our favorite assembler board.
Posted on 2011-07-21 11:11:43 by p1ranha
Hi p1ranha,

I completely agree that blogs about assembler are like rocking horse poo, hence the question for help in finding them. I'm also interested in hearing about other general computing blogs whose content is considered by this forum's readership to be both very technical and well thought-through, or to put it another way, with a very high signal-to-noise ratio.

Care to share your favourite assembler board's URL?



Posted on 2011-07-21 12:06:51 by michaelg
This board, of course, and:
Flat Assembler
Posted on 2011-07-21 16:07:53 by p1ranha
Thanks p1ranha, the search continues. Will post back if I find anything decent.
Posted on 2011-07-23 07:57:19 by michaelg
Agner Fog's email blog: http://www.agner.org/optimize/blog/ (hat tip to Scali for referencing this in another discussion).
Posted on 2011-07-29 08:02:35 by michaelg
Posted on 2011-08-15 18:43:03 by SpooK