MasmEd Has always been my favorite editor, she was very compact. And very easy to use! But have always been a crash is not good for the East Asian language support, such as Chinese, I send a screenshot to you.

Radasm have this problem, Winasm also have this problem, very frustrating! Shift a few days and then I found out that the author wrote the program a little Bug, Bug of course can not be considered a fact, but did not take into account the Oriental languages??! Concrete is this function is called when the return IsCharAlphaNumericA will return False, but judge for Oriental languages ??is wrong, and then I call this function after nop out .. the problem is resolved! everyone to see the screenshot now

I paste the picture above, a debugger, in the address of the function! Hope that the author has time to change it. So that all East Asian friends can use this excellent editor

This is after I modified, Cancel the function call!

My English is very poor, sorry made ??above this post is in Google translation, so the quality may be poor, please forgive!
Posted on 2011-08-10 13:22:58 by JoenChen