hi everyone

i am trying to convert the Texture3D9 example from the Microsoft DirectX 9.0 SDK (Summer 2004)
but i do not understand the CTextureRenderer Class, located in the DShowTextures.h file
how do i convert that to masm syntax ?

i searched the forum ,but i could not find anything about this
mybe someone allready wrote something like this in masm

Kind Regards
Posted on 2011-08-13 05:52:16 by jpam
some additional information

#include <streams.h>

// Define GUID for Texture Renderer
// {71771540-2017-11cf-AE26-0020AFD79767}
struct __declspec(uuid("{71771540-2017-11cf-ae26-0020afd79767}")) CLSID_TextureRenderer;

// CTextureRenderer Class Declarations
class CTextureRenderer : public CBaseVideoRenderer
    CTextureRenderer(LPUNKNOWN pUnk,HRESULT *phr);

    HRESULT CheckMediaType(const CMediaType *pmt );    // Format acceptable?
    HRESULT SetMediaType(const CMediaType *pmt );      // Video format notification
    HRESULT DoRenderSample(IMediaSample *pMediaSample); // New video sample
    BOOL m_bUseDynamicTextures;
    LONG m_lVidWidth;  // Video width
    LONG m_lVidHeight;  // Video Height
    LONG m_lVidPitch;  // Video Pitch
Posted on 2011-08-13 16:48:18 by jpam
This is COM stuff.
You just need to see a couple of examples of masm with com stuff.
Search: coinvoke, icall, Ernie COM masm

ObjAsm has extremely good support for working with COM stuff, and is really a wrapper for MASM, worth a look.
Posted on 2011-08-13 22:32:10 by Homer
Thanks Homer for reply

i allready did some projects with Objasm from biterider.
i know Objasm works flawless, but i prefered to work with Coinvoke for this project.
it is allmost finished ,so i don't want to convert the hole project to Objasm

i only want to convert the CTextureRenderer class

Kind Regards
Posted on 2011-08-14 06:04:20 by jpam