if I have an object like this

class room
char Name[100];
char Description[100];
void DisplayRoom();

I know that a class without functions can just be converted to a structure but how do you handle functions? Is it just a pointer to a function and the function receives the address of the class so that it can access it?
Posted on 2002-01-20 23:03:50 by Quantum
In a nut shell, Yup :)

Thomas and I spent most of last summer figuring out how to make that "simpicity" a reality. If your currious check out our OOP model for MASM32, at either my page or Thomas' page.

The function pointers were a bit of a challenge to get working WITH proto typing. To be honest, there is still *some* challenges to be overcome with this neck of the woods. Read thu the Objects.inc file. As it has the all the Nitty Gritty within it. If you do find our model worth studying, try and direct your questions in this are to the COM section, just to keep the board "maintainded" :)

Posted on 2002-01-20 23:59:14 by NaN