Finally I finished rearranged it. Well have fun with it. Take anything you think usefull, this is free for commercial or not.
Posted on 2012-01-10 19:07:20 by Farabi

I Updated it.
Posted on 2012-02-25 21:21:51 by Farabi

If anyone interested with the progress of my graphic application, I creating a website specially for it in here . I'll updated it in my free time since Im busy because of my job on real life. Thanks.
Posted on 2012-05-16 04:29:52 by Farabi
What lighting and shadowing models and techniques?
Attached is an image from my stuff, with hdr,ssao,phong lighting model from two light sources, pcf soft shadows via MRT render to texture, hdr tonemapping back to regular color space, and a final bloom and blur post process.
These objects are deliberately not textured, so we can see more clearly any problems with lighting and shadow.
If you are interested, I'll be implementing occlusion culling, but not the usual way, I'll be using Bullet physics engine to accelerate occlusion queries!
Posted on 2012-05-18 01:27:07 by Homer

Nice photo, however the lighting seems a little wrong. The directional light that hits the overlapping space between the cube and the sphere should flow over both, instead it shows on the sphere and is cut off at the cube. I can only assume this is happening because the two objects are being rendered separately, though it might help if you could somehow create a 2D heightmap of any visible points on the mesh and render the light over that (so the light itself just acts like a texture). Not even sure if that would work, but you might try. :D
Posted on 2012-05-18 21:26:20 by Synfire
The lights are not directional, they are two point lights situated somewheres above the two primitives. The lighting model is not perfect, but this is not being raytraced, we are able to render at interactive framerates , with dynamic light and shadow, and all other mentioned effects. The lighting could still use some tweaking, but it will certainly be good enough for my games :)
Posted on 2012-05-19 01:16:31 by Homer