Later, there is little progress in Fresh IDE development.
Although the new v2.0.5 is  interesting for those, who wants to use Fresh IDE in Linux. Since the v2.0.5, Fresh is able to run ELF binaries directly from the IDE.
Read the article explaining how to setup Fresh IDE for development in Linux and Windows environments.

The reason for the small progress of the Fresh IDE development is that  I am fully concentrated on development of FreshLib - portable library and GUI toolkit, that allows OS-independent programming in assembly. The same source can be compiled for any OS without changes and edits.
This library will be the base of the next generation Fresh v3.x.x - fully portable at least for Win32 and Linux. You can see a screenshot of the same application (FreshEdit source code editor) compiled and running in Windows and Linux:

Posted on 2012-01-30 02:31:30 by JohnFound