Hi, I need some resources to learn ASM. I know a little bit of it. I do have a copy of a book called  the art of hacking 2nd edition.  It's a book about how to hack. However, was told to read it. It does teach you the basics of ASM mainly 32bit. It's kinda a old book. However, I do understand some of the registers but still lost as to how I can use them in a program and how a program actually run in ASM?  I do have experience in C and C++  and web development languages like PHP5.

I am looking for some resource that shows a program written in C or C++ or in PHP and then converted into ASM. That way I can learn it a little better. Or at least explain things in a way a person coming from C++ can understand.

To me it looks like registers are temp memory kinda like variables but their specialized variables. I feel ask if you have to grab data and then push it in to a stack and then when needed pop it out and process that data and then push it back into the stack.

I do know about loops and functions but their called procedures and not functions. Is there any good book that can dumb down the technical aspects of ASM and that is interactive meaning gives examples of code and gives some small labs. So I can try to program myself. I learn best by doing.
Posted on 2012-02-10 05:47:30 by hockey97
What you need is Computer Organization.
Try reading the first few chapters of Art Of Assembly, it explains CPU, registers, memory and all that.
Posted on 2012-02-10 05:59:42 by Scali