I am currently creating "advanced"  ;) dir application.

And it's capabilities are:
1. display files/directories in current directory with it's file size and date/time of last modification - IT'S DONE RIGHT NOW
2. go to directories and return like: be in "A" directory and enter "B" directory inside "A" (A contains B) and then be able to return from "B" to "A".
3. set key "F2" being setting window as "mobile" ( = able to moving) to move it on screen. when "esc" pressed then current window possition is blocked and return from "mobile" function

AD1 is done. AD2 and AD3 is a problem, becouse I wasn't able to find any info, sullution or tip how to do it.

I look forward for any tips to do AD2 and AD3, thanks a lot!
Posted on 2012-05-02 09:07:03 by hElllk
Are you using a Treeview?
Posted on 2012-05-02 09:46:33 by JimmyClif