Hi all,
This is a small app that rotates strings. The logic comes from the famous Caesar Ciper (ROT13). I have modified and widen the range of characters. This was written beacuse of request. I wanna share the sources. I am working on RadASM so in the rar package, there is a RadASM Project =)
You can download from here:

Briefly how the code works:
1. I equate the  Space ve Tilde(~) characters.
2. I divide the other 92 characters to 4
3. [21h : 37h]   [38h : 4Eh]
      \ /
      / \
  [4Fh : 66h]   [67h : 7Dh]

And i equate these 4 parted character groups cross like above.At the
end there occured a different Caesar cipher String crypter.

Any comments and critics are welcome =)
Posted on 2012-08-03 18:24:54 by BlueDeviL