The engine is written in C++, for the GL ES 2.0 renderer, it will build for and run on Windows, Apple (all products), Linux (all kernels), and Android! (and probably other systems too!)

This engine has few limitations - one is that Scale is not supported by Shaders.

This engine does not use any Matrices, transforms are compacted into a representation that requires less gpu bus width, resulting in a 42% saving in gpu bus traffic, and a 12% saving in gpu hardware math instructions for transform operations.
However, the engine does support Matrices as a valid datatype, should someone wish to write their own shaders from scratch.

The material system supports Texture Stacks, which some modern 3D modelling packages implement.

As well as traditional lighting models, there are advanced new Lighting models available, especially for use on Phones.
One of them is Spherical Harmonic Lighting, which requires 0 actual Lights, but can represent hundreds of Lights sampled at a real world location and encoded in a few dozen bytes.

Stay tuned for screen shots and video!

Posted on 2012-09-22 03:31:44 by Homer

Scale is now supported in Shaders, but is limited to uniform scale, ie, we can pass one scale value to be applied to all axes.

Now working on the Animation system, which supports animation of arbitrary scene nodes as well as 'bones', but does not support oldschool vertex-tweening of posed meshes.
Posted on 2012-10-06 04:11:12 by Homer
Epoxy has adopted Ogre as its primary renderer, meaning we can reach more systems, and do it right now.
The engine is very much based on open source, and Team Epoxy believes that Ogre compliments our work rather than detracts from it.

We're still developing our own rendering solution in parallel, and will continue to do so since its performance is excellent on all tested systems.
Posted on 2012-11-06 05:50:50 by Homer
Since adopting Ogre as the primary renderer, we've been able to mix GLSL, HLSL and CG shaders.
This has certainly made a big dent, we no longer need to spend time on that.

In a couple of weeks, we've implemented a whole range of stuff, from advanced animation blending to a full outdoors system with weather effects.
Posted on 2012-11-09 08:11:03 by Homer