It has been a long time since I was last here.

Anyways there is a program from a long time ago that is called The Customiser.
It is a cool little program that allows you to capture windows elements under the
mouse pointer eg. class name, id , color, size, really just about everything.

For the most part it still works in windows 7 64 bit, except after about half a inch
out side of its main window. It will grab windows details that are not its own so I
know it can.

So plan on making my own program the does the same thing as the The Customiser.
Since its a fun little program that I rarely need but fun to play with.

This question I have is, is there something up with Windows 7 that prevents a program
from doing global mouse hooks that does not use a dll that injects its self into every
running program. and is there any way to do this with out doing the dll injection route.
I can do it but I rather not have to.
Posted on 2012-10-22 00:07:48 by devilsclaw
You do not need to worry about global mouse hooks, I will try to explain.

Most windows (especially c/c++) programs are based on Windows Messages , which we get a lot of those.
But if the mouse leaves the window, we stop getting the mouse messages.
However, this does not prevent us from querying the absolute coordinates (desktop window) of the mouse position if our application queries it a lot.
We can do more inside our Windows MessagePump Loop than to just service windows messages, we usually at least, drive our other main application or game code from that point.

I hope you get the idea!
Posted on 2012-10-23 05:17:29 by Homer