console starts (you can type and save assembly code to be added to memory on reboot) (thats the program nothing else) when writing One option the invoke inloop function to include the new program in the main loop) When writing to device it completly re writes the device but is safe because there is only One parameter per write that adds the new script. on reboot that script is in memory and on next write only one parameter is needed with option of not puting it in loop because it is a sub call. writes one inloop at a time programing with option to include any other loop that was writen with another parameter.

also something has to be done about what order the inloop functions are ran. they are only writen to be included in the main loop in the order that you write them. so a piece of information inside the filesystem must inlude order of inloops or if they are ran by user on condition.

write assembly program that defines a file system with one extention
save as
write assembly program that reads new extention
save as
write assembly program that makes system calls instructed by the new extention files
write assembly program that edits text. do this by making a new extention
(you now have a computer that can run without rebooting when new code is made)
make a file using the new extention logic to the device. this file will change pixels according to instruction. this file will wait for input then make a choice depending
on what keys you press and goto the next screen

you now have a computer that you can directly redifine the system at anytime(you just need to reboot)
or you can work on your extentions with no reboot. but if you need to change how extentions are read then you need reboot. (remember the inloop function)

the posibilitys are endless

make a convertor for .mp4's into the first extention you made. its just pixels and sound

computer can only do whats already in memory. we bypass this by making file extentions that the system reads. this is called programming

i could use there extention logic to make what ever i please on windows. but thats counterprodutive.

anyone that wants to offer some asistance can read my last post where i am stuck atm.

i will be posting.

my name is matt and my email is
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Hi also make my own air.
You can ignore everyone at your peril, but you might be onto something.
That is a decision you must take slowly and with great thought.
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And remember: only Chuck Norris can divide by zero!
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