I am just starting out in programming a VGA controller but I would like to know how is programming  a DVI or is it just the interface to the display to the interface is difference. For example the video bios info on VGA is either in B800:0 or B000:0 is it the same for DVI or do we have whole new rules for coding on a DVI.
Posted on 2013-02-11 11:32:19 by Snake4eva
As I said elsewhere, DVI is just the interface between the display adapter and the display.
You don't program the DVI.

In general it doesn't matter whether you use a VGA or DVI connection to your display. Programming the video card works the same way.
Posted on 2013-02-12 05:58:40 by Scali
Posted on 2013-02-12 09:24:35 by Snake4eva