I know that int 10h/ ah = 0 lets you set the video mode but i only see support for 320 x 200 pixels so how do we generate colour images of higher resolution? I would also like to know how does the CPU get access to external graphics cards and does int 10h come into play or is there a separate interrupt used and is specific for the graphics card vendor.
Posted on 2013-02-22 09:52:20 by Snake4eva
There are some "extended" BIOS interrupts that will do it. See Ralf Brown's Interrupt List. Since int 10h is pretty much "no longer available", there's some question whether learning it is the best use of your time. Things are very different these days! To bypass int 10h, you can go to diddling the ports. This is VERY specific to make and model of the card. The mfg's supply "drivers" for the specific cards, and we communicate through them - probably letting the OS interceed for us...

If you want, I can probably find hi-res examples with int 10h, both from "Flat Real Mode" where we can use the "linear frame buffer", and the usual old "bank switching" thing (which isn't "that" slow if you know what you're doing...). Not that useful.


Posted on 2013-02-23 14:17:21 by fbkotler
fbkotler that would be very useful if you found examples and posted, it would be much appreciated. Also can sophisticated stuff be done with images/videos with int 10h or must you upgrade to newer standards to obtain these capabilities.
Posted on 2013-02-23 18:47:58 by Snake4eva