I made some improvements and added some features.

To KetilO:
See if you can move the Groupbox on your Win98SE
machine without leaving the right and bottom
border behind.

To NaN:
You can now create controls and wrap a Groupbox
around them.

To the rest of the group:
Let me know how it works.


Posted on 2002-01-21 18:26:32 by Ewayne
Hi Ewayne,

Works great. Way to go. :alright:

Posted on 2002-01-21 20:03:56 by KetilO
Thanks KetilO, I just downloaded your dialog editor
source and your code is about as hard to follow
as mine.


Posted on 2002-01-21 20:12:40 by Ewayne
wow nice work Ewayne. one thing i noticed right off the bat though was that i can only resize the dialog i draw with only the left sizer. the other 3 sizers, top, right and bottom dont work(they dont show the resizer arrow).

win2k sp2
Posted on 2002-01-21 20:42:54 by smurf
To smurf,

Can you see the green sizing windows for the top,
right, and bottom of the dialog?

Posted on 2002-01-21 21:27:11 by Ewayne
the little green thingie' are at every side of the drawn dialog
Posted on 2002-01-22 01:40:15 by smurf
Hi Ewayne,

Works fine on WinMe.

Posted on 2002-01-22 04:40:52 by gscundiff
To smurf,

So far your the only one that has that problem, strange.

The sizing windows have their own class and I can't
see how if the cursor passes over them why on your
machine the cursor is not switching over to the
registered cursor of the sizing windows.

I'm posting a test ResEditor for smurf, I've
moved the sizing windows in a couple of pixels.

If that doesn't solve your problem and you want
to persue it futher I'll e-mail you a test program
so we can see whats going on.


Posted on 2002-01-22 05:12:10 by Ewayne
you fixed the problem it works just fine now.:)
Posted on 2002-01-22 10:31:43 by smurf