hi all,

maybe some one know,

i would like to represent all the ascii table for a memory editor.
I mean that i would show ascii 2 as a :) , ascii 3 as a heart and so on.

As OllyDbg do, i would like to use a font that can do this.

Tanks :) , B7
Posted on 2002-01-22 13:42:10 by Bit7
I think Betov does it in SpAsm, also some old PCGPE or MS-DOS Thech help files can help you, besides allmost any bitmap font has all those characters...good luck...its a simple task
Posted on 2002-01-22 21:05:25 by BogdanOntanu
You might want to check out the "system" font. ascii->oem conversion
might be needed. If this isn't enough, it's a small task to write a
DOS app to grab the font - this can then be used to render the 8x16
cells needed to display the dos character set correctly. I'm going to
do this eventually :). I seem to recall that the VGA font is 9x16, though,
the 9th pixel being "1" on ascii>127, 0 otherwise? If so, the required
resolution would be 720x400, not 640x480. Hmrph. Ramblin again, huh?

Posted on 2002-01-22 21:16:14 by f0dder
i have found a tauron30.zip dos proggy on my HDD that can grab the vga fonts and save them to a DB file ... maybe it can do the job ...
Posted on 2002-01-22 21:33:31 by BogdanOntanu
infinite thanks
Posted on 2002-01-23 01:28:00 by Bit7
The font capturing is probably more accurate, but just for completeness: I believe the MS Linedraw font was designed to be exactly like the DOS font.
Posted on 2002-01-23 01:50:08 by Qweerdy

thanks also for your suggestion. I will study this Linedraw.

Bye B7
Posted on 2002-01-23 15:08:22 by Bit7