i have 2 richedit boxes next to each other. i need to find a way so that if i scroll up or down in one richedit box the other will scroll along with it. im not talking about using the scrollbar to scroll im talking about using like the down and up arrow keys. any suggestions?
Posted on 2002-01-23 03:03:45 by smurf
It should be as simple as this: when one textbox receives a message, post the exact same message to the other textbox. Of course, you want to avoid recursive message sending, that wouldn't be pretty :)

What messages, i hear you ask? Well, when the up/down arrows are pressed the textbox receives a WM_KEYDOWN/WM_KEYUP with the virtual key values VK_DOWN/VK_UP. And if the user uses the scroll bar to scroll, i think the message you would be interested in is WM_VSCROLL.
Posted on 2002-01-23 03:54:26 by sluggy