Here you go Qweerdy. I hope this helps as an example of how to do broadcast stuff.


This is a client server style app pair that I wrote to help me with my job as a netadmin at a small

(60 emp.) firm. The server piece(mind.exe) goes on all the workstations and the client piece(mindctrl.exe) is a control panel

that is run from the admin's computer. The clients can also be accessed via Telnet on port 2112(any RUSH fans out there?), but

all the actions are not available that way(screen cap for example). This is not an attempt at a full

fledged BO2k app, but just a util to keep me from having to run from station to station for some

things. Here is a list of the current action set:

!e - Execute a command
!x - Shutdown the computer
!d - Defrag the C: drive
!m - Pop up a message box
!s - Play a wav file
!t - Stop playing the wav file
!p - Ping a remote computer
!i - Open up internet explorer to a certain page
!c - Capture a bitmap of the desktop
!r - Insert a registry key (reg files must be in REG4 format)

#x - Shutdown mind on the remote
#i - Reply with local ip address
#h - Toggle show/hide the main window

%r - Get a full status report from the remote

h - Help list (incomplete)

Some things can't be done with straight commands. Those actions have buttons on the control panel.

It seems to run fine on every Windows OS. The associated .rc files are named to reflect the .asm

filename because that's how I like it, so you may need to change them to rsrc.rc to get it to

assemble. I hope you enjoy.
Posted on 2002-01-23 14:22:49 by rdaneel
Cool, thanks! :alright:

I'm going to modify this program a bit and use it to control the pc's on our home network, since they're on separate floors and sometimes that really sucks - I have to run up two stairs just to run a program. Gotta implement some security first though :grin:

And I just know I'm going to get some great ideas for proggies using the UDP broadcast... so much to do, so little time :)
Posted on 2002-01-24 08:48:40 by Qweerdy
Qweerdy, you should definitely try Windows Remote. ;)
Posted on 2002-01-24 16:32:30 by JCP
If you want remote desktop and not just remote control then VNC still reigns supreme and it's free
Posted on 2002-01-24 22:10:11 by rdaneel
Sorry guys, I really want it too as a platform to test my network snippets with and I've always liked open-source better then freeware :)
And It'd surprise me if those programs didn't have a much bigger impact on system performance, which I don't really like since I want to have it on always.
Posted on 2002-01-26 05:25:29 by Qweerdy