Recently i play a online game, (at first i must declare: i am just a newbie,and i dont want to play it long)
and at begin, i was very curious why somebody could walk faster than me,and they could do something complicated easily.
Don't laugh at me please, now i know they use game cheating tool,that tools can speedup game,and do something easily.

i know it is illegal to writting it,and i have no ability to write one.
But, i am really like programming and really want to know how they work. so i asked some people for it. :P unfortunately,no one could explain clearly.

this is the way it works:
1. start and we can open game app just click a button.
i think it is CreateProcess,right?
2. then we can speenup and there're some child windows show us the rols's status,details.
how to implement the speedup function? and how to get role's info from memory?
3. too many info come from socket, and the socket is opened by game process,why can cheating tool ignore or send packets?

i must say twice, i just want to know how to make one,and i'll never distribute that i make.


Posted on 2002-01-24 11:55:05 by xqterry
It isn't really illegal creating a game cheating tool. Well, depending
on the method you use. You start by CreateProcess in suspended mode,
and from there you can read/writeprocessmemory. How the cheat
is done obviously depends on the game. A good client/server based
game will make it impossible/very hard to cheat (the server is supposed
to verify the data it gets from the clients).
Posted on 2002-01-24 12:11:42 by f0dder
go visit gamehacking.com, that'll be a good help.
Posted on 2002-01-24 17:20:02 by Asm_Freak

Writing software that modifies commercial games in memory is probably legal in the normal sense as it does not involve any reverse engineering of the commercial software at all and it does not involve illegal usage of the commercial software but make sure anything you post here does not involve any illegal activity at all or it will be deleted.

We have moderators on this forum that are tougher than the inquisition and if any content here is not within the guidelines set in the forum rules, it will "magically" disappear.


Posted on 2002-01-25 14:33:39 by hutch--

I am sorry for that.
let's forget about it.


Posted on 2002-01-26 01:56:52 by xqterry