I want to program a little OpenGL-Intro in assembler and my problem is that most functions need floating points as a parameter.
Pushing a floating point isn't allowed (when I want to use a call). Invoke does also not accept a floating point.
Till now I declared a variable as a quadword and uses this to invoke my functions.
But this is a little bit complicated, isn't it? Is there a better way?

(I haven't post this in the game-development because it is not really OpenGL related. I hope I was right.)

Posted on 2002-01-24 12:09:03 by Marilyn
There are a two solutions, you could use Serge Cobans macros which allow real4 and real8 data to be passed directly.

Or you could use bitRAKEs fpc MACRO. More more info on it see this thread. I think the properly working version of the MACRO is towards the end of the thread.
Posted on 2002-01-24 12:38:50 by Eóin