Has anyone have any luck using LVS_EX_BORDERSELECT I've got no trouble using the other extended styles but this one causes assembly error 'undefined symbol'. What value does this have and I can add it to Windows.inc? Any help appreciated.

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Posted on 2002-01-26 20:05:17 by czDrillard
Hi czDrillard,

I not found LVS_EX_BORDERSELECT but i found other elements.
I thing one way: you write small CPP (or etc..) file and use LVS_EX_BORDERSELECT element. after debug compiled exe file for LVS_EX_BORDERSELECT. i dont know this way right. just my idea.

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Attach file word doc. and include same LVX_XXX elements. look page 45.
Posted on 2002-01-26 20:46:21 by CYDONIA
Thanx CYDONIA for the zip file, that will keep me busy reading for a while:)

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Posted on 2002-01-27 13:35:28 by czDrillard
here you go. this could go into your windows.inc but you can also put it into your code like such:

Posted on 2002-01-27 13:45:51 by smurf
smurf, no segment change is needed (ie .const) - EQU only creates assemble-time constants, that produce output to the executable sometimes when used. I've seen this done even in Intel's assembly code, and I think it is funny as well as demonstrating a lack of understanding about what is going on under the hood of the assembler. EQU is really just automated search and replace within the text. The .const segment is for read only data. Sorry, for the rant - I just don't like superfluous coding that perpetuates misunderstanding.
Posted on 2002-01-27 14:43:14 by bitRAKE
good info thanks
Posted on 2002-01-27 14:50:55 by smurf