Strange thing about subj. I launch and it only count MyVar, but didn't want to call Application.SetText or show input dialog. If I remove 'Application.SetText...' then all is ok. Why it could be? Windows 98 SE and IE 5.00.2919.
Posted on 2002-01-27 09:24:32 by Aquila
Well, it may be that the testing app is extremely simplistic, just enough to show scripting is going on, with very little error checking.

As is, I get an endless string of messageboxes unitl I cancle out of it. I use W98 orgional version, so I doubt it's OS related.

How are you changing the script? You should edit the .vbs, not what is on screen (which is only there so I could make sure I was losding the correct file).

I just tried this, and got weird results myself. I deleted everything past the line "MyVar = MsgBox ..." and did not get a message box. I did get some garbage in the script window.

I would guess how I load the script text is where the problem is. If I get a chance I'll delve deeper into it

Otherwise I apologies for this, for I have no explanation.

Thanks for the bug report.
Posted on 2002-01-27 23:17:40 by Ernie