I am playing a full screen ddraw game,and it can not resize.
therefor, every time my friends send message from icq to me,i had to go back to desktop to reply them.

I don't know whether i could display icq dialog in game by changing icq window style. but i found some tools could, they displayed on game screen,needless to switch,and game doesn't pause while i do something with tools.

sigh, it is a online game, once after i replied msg and return to game, i found there is only my corpse there .....


Posted on 2002-01-27 09:31:50 by xqterry
If the game is in DirectX exclusive mode, it has some reasons ...

Window GUI elements are much slower to draw/interact with. SO basically it is not possible, unless the game and the application proggy (aka ICQ in your case) have some behind scene understandings/protocol. Theoretically there are some FliptoGDI Surface functions in DX that can help this kind of stuff...but i doubt each game can make aggreements with each application that you will eventually run in GDI ...

A simpler solution will be the game to be able to run in a window... but this is slow or even impossible sometimes:

-take our HE RTS... we scroll when the mouse is at the full screen edge... how do we scroll in a window? (fast and easy i mean)

i guess you have to decide: either play your full screen game or write emails... cant do both and win unless you are very fast ;)
Posted on 2002-01-28 14:58:11 by BogdanOntanu
You may have to revert to using the method most gamers have been using for ages...turning ICQ off while playing a game.
Posted on 2002-01-30 17:40:05 by Cygnal
Even if you could, you will mostly see a flicker, between GDI and non GDI surfaces (ICQ will show on/off rapidly). Also you will have some problems with the game input (if the game uses the mouse).
Posted on 2002-01-30 17:50:51 by dxantos