I've found a bug with the RadASM project Wizard...

If you set the "Projects Folders" (on the first window of the wizard), to 'C:\" (or any other root directory), when RadASM tries to "build" the project, a MessageBox pops up saying : "Could not create the folder C:\\ProjectName".

It is not a very annoying bug, but not the hardest to fix for sure. ;)

PS : A little question : is it possible from the tools menu to launch a batchfile redirecting its output to the output window ?

Posted on 2002-01-30 01:06:18 by JCP
Hi Readiosys

Root dir problem should be easy to fix as you said. At present only the make menu can redirect to output. Running batch files with redirection to output does not work well on Win98 as it 'hangs' on termination.

Posted on 2002-01-30 03:30:26 by KetilO
Thanks for the reply...

I see what you are meaning about batch files "hanging on termination", but if you put these two lines at the end...


The console window closes itself... (what is funny is that without the @ before or@Echo off, it doesn't close... :rolleyes: I think it is because the streams have to be empty)

Does that fix the redirecting problem ? It would be great...

Posted on 2002-01-30 03:54:41 by JCP
Hi Readiosys

Sorry, did not help. It seem to be related to 16 bit code. I guess batch files ar run as 16 bit on Win98.

Posted on 2002-01-30 04:39:41 by KetilO