Test version.

Unzip to temp folder and read ReadMe.txt
Some bugs fixed and some new features.

I think you will love it.


Look here for the file:
Posted on 2002-01-31 17:36:17 by KetilO
ehem.... what does it do? :)
Posted on 2002-02-01 00:10:18 by Tsongkie[ii]
Tsongkie, when using a defined structure, the editor will bring up a context menu from which to choose the item within the structure. You don't need to memorize all the items of a structure by exact name. For example, I forget what the spelling is for RECT.bottom. Now I just type 'RECT.' and RadASM will give me a selection of items. Then I type an 'B', then TAB and RadASM filled in the rest.

BTW, working great KetilO - Thank you!
Posted on 2002-02-01 01:19:22 by bitRAKE
Hi Tsongkie

When you referenc a struct in your code RadASM will show a listbox with all the items in that struct.


mov wc.

When you type the '.' the listbox will show all the struct items of WNDCLASSEX. This means you no longer need to consult help file in order to find all the item names. Should shorten development time.

Posted on 2002-02-01 01:27:33 by KetilO
I keep getting the error "Can't open the file C:\RadAsm\". Does this happen just because you're testing something?
Posted on 2002-02-01 03:42:46 by Asm_Freak
I opened a project i created in a previous version of radasm, tried it out. GPF everytime i try to do a

mov wc. <--- gpf occurs right after pressing the "." I'm running Windows XP.

If you want the detailed info on what address the i get a gpf at let me know.
Posted on 2002-02-01 03:47:09 by Asm_Freak
Hi Asm_Freak

You forgot to read the ReadMe.txt.

You must add a line to the section in masm.ini.
Note that this version is a test version for masm only.
If you are using fasm or tasm, create an empty fasmApiStruct.api or an empty tasmApiStruct.api. Then add the same line to fasm.ini and tasm.ini (different file names ofcourse). You must also use Option / Code Ecitor and turn off Show Struct Items.

Posted on 2002-02-01 03:51:05 by KetilO
Silly me, i just got too excited :) It works pretty good!
Posted on 2002-02-01 03:59:25 by Asm_Freak
You're right, KetilO. I love it :grin:

Will this also support user-defined structs, as in:

Mystructdef STRUCT
hi DWORD ?
Mystructdef ENDS


Mystruct MyStructdef <?>
Posted on 2002-02-01 08:56:18 by Qweerdy
Hi Qweerdy

Just finished global references. Currently working with parsing user defined structs. This will be great.

Posted on 2002-02-01 09:44:46 by KetilO
Hey ketilO,

The test struct build works great so far with one minor exception.
If i do this:

local wc:wndclassex
wc. ------ program lags for about 15 seconds

But it only does it if I don't have wc defined as wndclassex
in the .data? section etc... Same goes when I tried with
Find file data...

I did this:

local FindFileData:WIN32_FIND_FILE_DATA
FindFileData. -------- 15 second lag

But it doesn't happen in this instance:

FindFileData WIN32_FIND_FILE_DATA <>

local FindFileData:WIN32_FIND_FILE_DATA
FindFileData. --- works fine, nifty little menu

Works great... i haven't tried the instances where the program
lags with Morpheus not running.. Morpheus is a program for
downloading that totally lags startup time and program execution
time for apps on my computer.

RadASM is truly rad!
Posted on 2002-02-02 23:24:19 by matthew
Hi matthew

Very strange. The local variant should be the fastest. Are you using the latest version? The first test version did have some bugs.

Latest version here

Posted on 2002-02-03 07:42:58 by KetilO