The reason why I asked how to get the least significant digit was that I want to beat quick sort with radix sort, but then again I'm having doubts that quick sort will ever be beaten by current sorting routines. The only sorting routine I think that can go head to head with quick sort is radix sort. Since radix sort needs buckets this is a drawback for extra memory overhead. So I tried to improvised a hybrid radix sort, a sorting routine that sorts inside the arrays, works like bubble sort but has to sort starting from the least significant digit to the most significant digit, no comparisons(maybe just a bit), no extra memory. The only memory you'll ever going to need are your arrays. But I'm having doubts if this will ever beat quick sort.

Does anybody have suggestions on a sorting routine that can knock off quicksort from the top spot?
Posted on 2002-02-01 12:10:11 by stryker
Heap sort...

It depends on the data, and its size...
It may be better, it may not :)

Posted on 2002-02-01 12:20:38 by Mirno
I know that this is such a broad topic. Every sorting routines has its pros and cons. So, I tried to create a new one that will beat any sorting routine whether the data is float, integers, characters or mixed data types.
Posted on 2002-02-01 12:34:23 by stryker