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nice feeling, to post questions again.

I have a laptop and on the keyboard there are extra keys for the DVD player and two QuickAccessKeys (for E-Mail and Internet, or whatever you want).

Under Windows ME, I had a program called EasyButton by Dritek (ever heard of the proggy or the company?), however I switched to Windows XP (much better, IMO) and there is no Version of the proggy available for Win2k/XP, so I thought, I would have to code my own.

In ME Times EasyButton used Windows Media Player 7.0 for this and sent the input to Mediaplayer. The Volume Increase/decrease still works, but does not show anything on screen. However, the others keys are not accessable.

Any ideas how to get the control over the keys? Would a Keyboard Hook do, or are they on another level?

Help me please.
YaWNS aka Stefan K (nearly out of Navy)
Posted on 2002-02-01 17:30:16 by YaWNS
I have a laptop with play, pause, stop, forward, back buttons and six quick launch buttons. I received Easy Button. It worked on ME and it works fine on XP. However, when I had 2000, it didn't work. I looked at the APIs and it seems that the following virtual key codes are defined:

VK_BROWSER_BACK A6 Windows 2000: Browser Back key
VK_BROWSER_FORWARD A7 Windows 2000: Browser Forward key
VK_BROWSER_REFRESH A8 Windows 2000: Browser Refresh key
VK_BROWSER_STOP A9 Windows 2000: Browser Stop key
VK_BROWSER_SEARCH AA Windows 2000: Browser Search key
VK_BROWSER_FAVORITES AB Windows 2000: Browser Favorites key
VK_BROWSER_HOME AC Windows 2000: Browser Launch and Home key
VK_VOLUME_MUTE AD Windows 2000: Volume Mute key
VK_VOLUME_DOWN AE Windows 2000: Volume Down key
VK_VOLUME_UP AF Windows 2000: Volume Up key
VK_MEDIA_NEXT_TRACK B0 Windows 2000: Next Track key
VK_MEDIA_PREV_TRACK B1 Windows 2000: Previous Track key
VK_MEDIA_STOP B2 Windows 2000: Stop Media key
VK_MEDIA_PLAY_PAUSE B3 Windows 2000: Play/Pause Media key
VK_LAUNCH_MAIL B4 Windows 2000: Launch Mail key
VK_LAUNCH_MEDIA_SELECT B5 Windows 2000: Select Media key
VK_LAUNCH_APP1 B6 Windows 2000: Launch Application 1 key
VK_LAUNCH_APP2 B7 Windows 2000: Launch Application 2 key
Posted on 2002-02-01 20:07:59 by Hel
A keyboard hook should do. *But*, some of the keys seem to be
natively handled for some keyboards on some windows versions
with some keyboard drivers :P - I do not know if your keyboard hook
will get these before windows acts on them (unless you go ring0
of course, but best to avoid that if you can). I think some guy from
#win32asm made some little thingamajig for those fancy keyboard
using a keyboard hook, but I can't remember who, when or what :).
Posted on 2002-02-03 16:57:26 by f0dder