Yes. That makes sense. You have a wide character representation of a foreign language. Maybe the board was originally for sale in a foreign country. But the bios date is not unicode. To get the bios date in my program you have to change three lines:

;from memory_offset LARGE_INT <0FE000h,0,0FE000h>
memory_offset LARGE_INT <0FF000h,0,0FF000h>; or memory_offset LARGE_INT <0FF000h,0,0> since quad part is for C compiler

;from add out_memory_virtual_address, 0C71h ; start of serial number from offset
;from invoke WriteConsole, std_handle, out_memory_virtual_address, 35, ADDR num_char_written, 0
add out_memory_virtual_address, 0FF5h ; start of bios date
invoke WriteConsole, std_handle, out_memory_virtual_address, 8, ADDR num_char_written, 0 ; because page ends in 12 bytes
Posted on 2002-02-05 06:48:28 by roaknog
That works pretty nifty :) now i jsut got to modify it so i can use it both for nt, Xp and 9x Machines
Posted on 2002-05-06 15:07:38 by Volcano_88101