How do you declare/call/use these functions in (MASM32) assembler?
This is a beginner's question but I really need an answer.
Thanks a lot for your help.
Posted on 2001-07-24 02:53:52 by mushi
the easiest (and fastest) way is to use the FPU,
f.e. with fsqrt. You can have a look into one of the tutorials.
Posted on 2001-07-24 04:04:11 by beaster
Now thats ironic... I was just looking up this stuff today...

The Art Of Assembly online text has a good sample of these functions and more on Adobe pages 753-757 ( Im using the version created on 4/23/99 )

Anywho.. hope that helps..

Posted on 2001-07-24 22:06:51 by NaN