I'm stupid but can you help me

At each time I install
RadAsm , I must change the paths for MASM32,
Addins,Binary .... in the Menu 'Option'\'Set Path'

yet I have installed RadAsm and MASM32 on Disk 'D:\' and not on 'C:\'
I have not enough place on it.

Is there a way to change quickly and not browse the path for each repertory?

What means '$A' in , for instance change the path of Binary, : "$A\Bin"
or "$R" in "$R\Macro"

Posted on 2002-02-02 09:15:37 by franlou
Hi franlou

RadASM replaces $A with the App path. The App path is the only path that should be changed, normally. RadASM also replaces $R with the path from where RadASM was loaded.

If you have installed RadASM to D:\RadASM then "$R\Macro" will be changed to D:\RadASM\Macro. Nice, is'nt it.

Posted on 2002-02-02 09:30:40 by KetilO

Perhaps I'm dreaming but you know what a cool feature would be? If there was a way to have RadASM seperate all the user modified settings of the RadASM.INI and MASM.INI (etc) and export them so when we update we can then "import" them.

Because it's annoying to hav to go change the colors and other settings that you've set many times before everytime a release is updated (which is on average every couple days)... or I can create an Add-in that does that... of course, all my add-ins stopped working with the 1.0.9 release and I don't know why they won't hook in anymore...

Posted on 2002-02-08 17:20:14 by _Shawn
Hi _Shawn

In 1.1.0 I will make a version control in the ini files. So from 1.1.0 and up RadASM will maintain the ini files by itself.

Posted on 2002-02-08 18:36:23 by KetilO