Which file in MASM32 is the "compiler."? I've noticed qeditor.exe, which runs in windows, and interfaces with dos batch files that interface with microsoft assembler files ml.exe, ml.err, and link.exe. But is there some other executable program file (*.exe) that works with scripts (translates them somehow) made out of words and phrases that ml.exe doesn't understand (doesn't compile, assemble, or otherwise translate)?

If so, which file is it? Or is it part of qeditor.exe?
Posted on 2002-02-02 14:33:42 by verb
Well, in fact there is no compiler in MASM32, it is an assembler package. The "ASSEMBLER" is ML.EXE.

The build process works this way.

ML.EXE assembles the ASM source file into a COFF format OBJ file.

RC.EXE compiles the RC script into a RES file.

CVTRES.EXE converts the RES file into an OBJ file.

LINK.EXE links together 1 or more object files with the necessary startup code to make the EXE/DLL file as its output.


Posted on 2002-02-02 14:56:36 by hutch--
Alrighty. Thanks hutch. Without your explanation of the build process, I think it would have taken me quite a while to figure out what was going on with the rc.exe program, and the cvtres.exe program, and the Microsoft Windows Resource Compiler in general, relative to masm -- or I might not have ever figured it out.
Posted on 2002-02-02 22:31:17 by verb
I'm glad to see hutch agrees that it's called an "assembler" and not
a "compiler". And that the assembler "assembles", not "compiles".

Let the heathens burn, mmm'kay?
Posted on 2002-02-03 16:34:32 by f0dder
The subtitle of this section that we are in now in, titled "MASM32," of this Win32asm Community message board, says this:

Everything concerning hutch's MASM32 package. The compiler, NOT programming.

Hutch, in a message above, in seeming contradiction to the subtitle, said "Well, in fact there is no compiler in MASM32, it is an assembler package."

In a later message, f0dder, also in contradiction to the subtitle, but in agreement with hutch's msg above, says (though he neglects to make it clear what it is he is referring to when he says "it..." is called an assembler):

I'm glad to see hutch agrees that it's called an "assembler" and not a "compiler". And that the assembler "assembles", not "compiles".

Is that an error in the subtitle, that phrase where the subtitle refers to "the compiler."??

The use of the word "compiler" in the subtitle, is, if I recall correctly, what instigated me to ask the question with which I started this thread: "Which file in MASM32 is the "compiler?"

Despite starting his response with the comment "Well, in fact there is no compiler in MASM32," later in the very same message hutch goes on to say that "RC.EXE compiles the RC script into a RES file."

I didn't say anything earlier, because I didn't consider the precise terminology as important as simply arriving at a pretty good understanding of what each program does. Even though i was really curious, I thought it would be better to leave a discussion of the issue for another day, another time. But once f0dder began making an issue of the terminology, i began wondering if he did this for a reason. I don't want to use incorrect terminology; I am of the opinion that learning the terminology precisely, and using the terminology precisely when communicating with others, can't help but have a considerable positive effect upon the progress of one's education.
Posted on 2002-02-04 13:53:26 by verb