the goal is that F9 key is down old the time and I dont need to hold it.

How can I code that when I press a button in my aplication computer thinks that F9 key is down and it will stay down and other button for F9 key upp?`

sorry my eng...
Posted on 2002-02-02 17:46:33 by Tandurus
An easy solution would be to put a piece of wood on your F9 key. :grin:

A technical solution would be enter a loop where your program is contanstly sending a WM_KEYDOWN message or a MapVirtualKey. The virtual code for F9 is VK_F9.
Posted on 2002-02-02 19:30:48 by CodeLover
You could try Get/SetKeyboardState, but iirc it only sets the state in the process you called it.

Posted on 2002-02-03 03:27:40 by Thomas