i need help
i am coding a program
where i need info from the edit control
to be used when a button is pressed

like for something...how would i explain it......

well like lets say there is a number in the edit control
and i wanted to use that number to like edit some info, or something

but i want it to do that when i clickith the button
ahhh hard to explain
can anyone help?
Posted on 2002-02-03 22:35:17 by sToNeRiFiK
Don't know exactly what you want to do. I will guess that the user enters some info in an edit control then clicks a button. If you want to retrieve the text they entered and process it you can use 'GetDlgItemText' or use 'SendMessage' with WM_GETTEXT as a parameter.

hope this is helpful

best regards,

Posted on 2002-02-03 23:54:50 by czDrillard