starting from your example, would you like to check my bar resizing ?
Posted on 2002-02-05 17:18:25 by Bit7
Hi Bit7

Nice pice of work. :alright:

Works well on xp, brings 98 down to its knees. :(

Posted on 2002-02-05 20:45:02 by KetilO
Win98 SE here, same problem. I've never seen any program crash Win98 so fast and so completely :grin:
It just gives me a black screen and the mouse cursor won't even move anymore....
Posted on 2002-02-06 00:31:34 by Qweerdy
i apologize for the problems i caused...

i'm working in 2k and i couldn't see the crashing.

I've try @job on w95:
-mouse stop to move, no ctrl+alt+canc allowed :(
-black screen :(
-after restart Scandisk find errors... :(
-sometimes PC restart ... :(

what i've done seems really a nice job ......

All the problems was on the CreateToolbarEx function, i'm using it for the first time:
-i've forget hInstance parameter (totally was 12 params, not 13
-i've put wrong bittmap buttons number, i've counted also blank buttons not in the bmp...
-i've put wrong TBUTTON struct sixe, just 11 times greater...

All this cocktail seems have his effect ..
If you want to risk to try again, attached should be the correct version..

I can try only tomorrow @job where i have w95.
By all, sorry again.

Posted on 2002-02-06 14:25:44 by Bit7

Win98 SE problem.

Program crash on Win98 faster then one can blink.
Gives me a black screen and only big power
button works.
Posted on 2002-02-07 16:35:46 by forge
Haha I know this is off the topic, but that is exactly what I like about windows XP. It *is* actualy a relible form of windows that is resistant to bugs etc in apps and doesn't make funny assumptions etc that cause it to crash burn and die quite like the 9x breed of windows.
Posted on 2002-02-07 16:59:03 by huh
as said in a more recent post, i've made an error un passing parameter to a function: function was done for 2 params and i give it only one.

Wat is good about win2k is that in this situation it don't crash and ca n recover in some way the stack position.

Here is the app. that now finally work also in W95.

HI and sorry again for chrash your PC's...

Posted on 2002-02-08 15:45:29 by Bit7