Okay I was looking over the source code. It was a wee bit hard to view because i amused to source code being tabbed.. I'm a tabbed fool. all of my source code has to be tabbed and commented lol..

Anyways i like your section about CharFORMAT2.
The only thing i dont udnerstand really is when do you use the CHARFORMAT2 ?

I have a color table of 16 to 256 colors and it is nice and convenient to be able to say color 4 and it pulls up the 4th color what not

Currently right now I am using the SENDMESSAGE(EM_INSERTEXTEX. and then i have to send my whole color header and what not because the color header is only good for one time..

I was wondering if EM_INSESRTEXTEX has the same performance level of using an EditStreamCallback

and also how to you use the Charformat2 is that another function and if so is it easier to use if you have several colors

Okay I think i will stop here now. If anybody has any resources on RichEdit controls please post link. heheehhe:)
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Posted on 2002-04-14 15:11:56 by Volcano_88101
How to remove the keyboard accelerator of rich edit. Since default it has already ctrl+v for paste and so on...
Posted on 2004-10-18 11:13:32 by vincent_ray21