Hey guys, as you may have read in the Heap, I lost my job at a game development company. :mad:

I want to advance my skills in 3D programming. This way I can sell myself to other companies. I have always been a 2D programmer.

Can you give me some info on where to start learning 3D. Any books that you consider excellent in modern 3D programming?

Also, I guess I need to learn DirectX, or OpenGL - don't think I have time to learn both as money will run out if I don't get back to work within a few months.

But thats the scope of it. I need to be a kick-ass 3D game programmer in 3 months... I got 20 hours a day available to me to meet this goal.

Where do I start?? What do I need?? What should I buy??

thanx for any help guys
Posted on 2002-02-09 12:16:23 by Rockinronstar
For OpenGL start with NeHe's site. It takes you from beginner to advanced very quickly. Then move on the the OpenGL forum at www.opengl.org and start asking the advanced questions.
Posted on 2002-02-09 12:25:58 by Eóin
is OpenGL the place to start?? What is in higher demand, DirectX or OpenGL. If OpenGL is learnable(is that a word, haha) in a few weeks then I can do both I guess.

I got 3 months to go from a 3D nobody to a guy who can whip together a kick-ass 3D engine!!

what do I need to do to make that happen???

Posted on 2002-02-09 14:39:08 by Rockinronstar
Take a class in "Linear Algebra"...

I'm working on a tutorial for 3d programming using the GDI -- It is important in understanding the 3d world :) Btw, what did you use to learn enough for 2d programming?

Posted on 2002-02-09 16:06:24 by Sliver
Hey Sliver, I actually learned everything about the 2D world myself. I got my first computer(Tandy CoCo 3) about 12 years ago and everything started there. I began learning to program from that point. I started out with Basic and within the year I was already writing the little games using 6809 ASM.

What I need now is what to focus my attention on. If I was going to apply to a company writing 3D games, what do I need to know to prove myself there???

What steps do I take to make that happen? That kinda thing

Posted on 2002-02-09 22:11:51 by Rockinronstar
Afternoon, Rockinronstar.

Depending on your current capabilities, you may wish to concentrate on OpenGL. There are heaps of examples out there on the 'net. (check out those links Eoin gave). This'll help you get up to speed quickly (most OpenGl programmers copy/paste from examples into their proggy:grin: )

For finding out what games companies require, have a look around http://www.gamedev.net/ .

Most game companies require you to have your name on a few titles (which you say you've already got).

Then, again....
Are you looking at using C/C++/VB?
There are plenty of examples on using DX in VB.

Posted on 2002-02-10 00:42:07 by Scronty
Hi Rockinronstar !

I don't believe that it matters with which one you will start. As Sliver said learn linear algebra first. The basic elements of drawing objects are the same in opengl and directx, what differs is the way of handling. opengl may be better to do a more direct way of drawing objects. But without understanding the basics of linear algebra none of them will help you ...

I think that companies are looking for people who are able to understand the complexities of movement and interaction in a three dimensional space and how to integrate them into current game und graphic engines ... so a good advise will be to learn how to implement dynamics and kinematics.

Of course, to do this you will need a little (!) graphic engine.

Greetings, Caleb
Posted on 2002-02-10 14:17:51 by Caleb
Hey guys, thanx

I had my last "lay-off" meeting today and mentioned to my former employer what I should concentrate on in terms of learning 3D. He said that you don't need to "know" 3D to program modern 3D software.

He mentioned that if the 3D engine guy does his job properly then the rest of the team doesn't need to know anything about how 3D works. Now I got alot of game titles behind me and they were all successful titles, this should help alot.

Does anyone know of any good 3D engines that are available freeware/shareware that I could get that can help me with my learning? If I don't need to know how to render a poly in the real world then maybe I should forget both GL and DX and concentrate on the 3D game aspects - How to make it happen using the/an engine.

what do you guys think?
Posted on 2002-02-10 15:11:46 by Rockinronstar
If you would allow me Rock, Id love to learn with you.. Ive always had a want to learn 3D, but I never got around to it..

So if you could help me out, I would be happy.. that is of course.. once you are back on your feet. I dont want to interfere with your quest for 3D demi-godness ;)

Posted on 2002-02-10 15:28:34 by Torch
Well, since I am new to this 3D world. I wouldn't mind another person to chat with about it. You share what you learn and share what I learn. If more than me work at it then it should be easier. Might be stuff I understand better and stuff you understand better.

I also have 2 years game programming to help me out. I don't know 3D but I do know games!!

First thing I think is to get hold of a simple 3D engine. Then learn how to use it. Hopefully someone here has some links to where 3D freeware engines are located. I did a net search and found a few things but not sure which one is best.

I suppose 3D modelling is a big topic as well. How to make them and get them on the screen

my email is roncr@rogers.com

also if you got MSN messenger my sign in name is rockinronstar@hotmail.com
Posted on 2002-02-10 16:05:52 by Rockinronstar
Posted on 2002-02-10 18:35:36 by adapix
thanx adapix

will definately look into some of that stuff - looks great for learning material

Posted on 2002-02-10 21:23:34 by Rockinronstar

I know a Great 3D Engine written in MFC:

http://www.just kidding

Posted on 2002-02-10 21:58:02 by BradB
ohhh, you little !@#$, lol

hate that evil little word MFC!!!

Well since I got no job, I may never have to see it again!!!

low level API all the way for me now!


I know a Great 3D Engine written in MFC:

http://www.just kidding

Posted on 2002-02-10 23:16:09 by Rockinronstar
"....hate that evil little word MFC!!! "

Me Too !!! :grin:

Best Luck, B
Posted on 2002-02-10 23:18:52 by BradB
Hey again, I've decided. I am gonna go Direct3D.

If anyone has any Direct3D specific input that would be great. I am gonna start with the DirectX 8.1 SDK docs I guess.

I also own 3D Game Programming by John De Goes and also
3D Graphics Programming Games And Beyond by Sergei Savchenko(3DO Engineer)

these sound like good books?

If you know of others, especially if there are ones that explain DirectX 8.x

Posted on 2002-02-10 23:21:00 by Rockinronstar
Afternoon, Rockinronstar.

Good choice:grin: :alright: .

Dunno about any decent books on Dx8.1 .
Have a look at http://www.gamedev.net/columns/books/ , and read the reviews.

Beginning Direct3D Game Programming
by Wolfgang Engel, Amir Geva

... seems to be what you're after.

Otherwise.... just start with the basic examples from M$:

Posted on 2002-02-11 04:40:39 by Scronty
I'm just curious, Rockinronstar, what company did you work for ?
I hope it isn't impolite to ask.

Posted on 2002-02-12 00:39:01 by dig
Digital Illusions Canada


Really good company. Just happened to be a victim of circumstance. Downsized and I made the "cut list"

kinda sucks but not much you can do about it except get back on your feet and excel beyond what you were before

(thats why my sudden interest in 3D!!)
Posted on 2002-02-12 16:34:36 by Rockinronstar
Are you looking to program for hand-held again, or are you thinking of programming for PC or XBOX?

I read that a version of DirectX is used in the development of games for the XBOX. :alright:

Posted on 2002-02-12 18:12:56 by dig