I have one more problem.

When I start my app It is about 6 MBs in memory, but after some time it starts to grow.

It grows every second by few KBs, after few minutes it has lot of MBs.

There must be some memory problem. But I really don't know how to find it. What should I do?

Is it a problem of some variable?

Thank you for your help.
Posted on 2002-02-10 15:05:50 by RAGuru
i don't know what language you have written the app with but from its size, it does not sound like assembler. A guess is that there is some GDI code that is not being alocated and freed properly.

Try and tell us a bit more about what your app is doing and someone may be able to help you with the assembler code.


Posted on 2002-02-10 15:21:11 by hutch--
Down with Hutch--! He said Assembler! ;)

For real though.. it does sound like some memory allocation isnt getting freed..

If you're using classes, check your deconstructors to see if you're freeing your pointers and objects :)

Posted on 2002-02-10 15:31:20 by Torch
Sorry Torch, its an addiction. :)


Posted on 2002-02-10 15:51:24 by hutch--
Thanks for your replies, you are right it is not assembler program, I am worried about saying that it is Delphi program, because you may be angry with that!!! :)

I would rather search in better place!;)
Posted on 2002-02-10 16:38:35 by RAGuru

take a look at the tool "memproof"

it shows you all memory leaks and the
source location, where it occurs.

its designed specially for delphi, but works also fine with ASM.
Posted on 2002-02-11 03:45:23 by beaster