hi all
i' m lame, so i just wanted to know
i don' t know if there is some way, just by an api call, to register some hotkeys or shortcuts for a menu, that has already been created. i just pass the menu id and the hotkey i want to register for example.

btw, i had a bit time to continue my bignum lib, i made _bigdiv and _bigmod, but it' s too slow, so i won' t release it right now, i' ll make it a bit faster, i' ll code a fast _powmod and _mulmod and i' ll release it =)
Posted on 2002-02-11 03:02:08 by roy
Hi roy

Here is a way to create an accelerator table at run time.

Posted on 2002-02-11 03:47:36 by KetilO

Forgot the zip.

Posted on 2002-02-11 03:49:44 by KetilO
thanks, i' ll give it a look =)
Posted on 2002-02-11 06:00:13 by roy