Greetings everybody,

I have created a toolbar in my window using CreateWindowEx, and wish to sit two Combo boxes next to it. However, I have realised that the toolbar is automatically sized to the client width - which is not what I want as it (the toolbar) overlaps the comboboxes disallowing user interaction with them (the comboboxes). Is there any way (IE, a set width for the toolbar?) that I can get the comboboxes to work next to the toolbar, or will I have to use a rebar or something similar? I have already tried changing the width parameter of CreateWindowEx but to no avail.

Posted on 2002-02-11 13:58:25 by Syntax
Yes, you are right, you have to create a rebar with two bands in it. One band will be filled with the toolbar and the other one will be filled with the two comboboxes. IE does this way.
Posted on 2002-02-11 14:42:33 by LuHa
Hi Syntax

The poor mans solution is to create a static and put the toolbar inside it.

Posted on 2002-02-11 14:54:27 by KetilO