How can I create a windows MultiEdit with more than 32k memory ?
And how can I put a textfile in this MultiEdit?

Greetings, Nordwind64
Posted on 2002-02-11 23:48:53 by Nordwind64

If your program is designed to run on win95 or 98, you need to use a rich edit control to handle the extra data. There is an example in MASM32 of a single instance rich text editor that will handle much larger files.

The normal edit controls in NT4/2k/xp will handle larger than 32k as they are but the same program on 95/98 is still limited to 32k editable.


Posted on 2002-02-12 00:14:02 by hutch--
You could also check out the CodeMax control, which used to be
at www.winmain.com ... haven't been able to get through to that
site lately, but you can probably find codemax by googling.
Posted on 2002-02-12 09:55:20 by f0dder
Thank you, RichEdit is great !!!

Greetings, Nordwind
Posted on 2002-02-13 12:47:39 by Nordwind64