Hi all,
I think that one of the interesting programs that an internet programmer want to do is the program that ping the name of all websites that you are working on I tried to do so but I failed I need some help?
Can any one do it or tell me the Idea?

Posted on 2002-02-13 05:05:41 by amr
I'll be the first to tell you thst this topic has been covered about a billion times (how to ping a website that is) -- You may want to use the search button on this site (since it would be easier than me writing the links out one by one)

:) :) :)

Just use the keyword "Ping" and you may want to select the section "Networking" to limit the responses.

Hope that helps,

p.s Looking foward to it when your done...
Posted on 2002-02-13 09:37:29 by Sliver