Afternoon, drarem.

Yep. That's the idea.
Have a basic interface and have most of the features as plugins.

The reason behind this thread is so I'll have a good idea on which parts would be implemented into the interface, and which parts would be implemented as plugins. It'll also help on figuring out what info/data has to pass between the interface and plugins.

Afternoon, All.

Thanks for the ideas so far.

Posted on 2002-04-23 04:46:49 by Scronty
I would think, have the basic stuff like translate, rotate, and scale vertices/faces/group and the viewports in the main program.

Plugins could do anything from deforming a mesh, adding a lensflare, lofting, sweeping, extruding, UVMAPping/material browser, smoothing etc.. The plugins would add extra functionality to the base product. And the base product should be small enuff to fit on a floppy. Or so that is a strong point of anim8or, among other things. Freeware is another ;)

Keeping the resources down would be a must, maybe have two or three plugins 'active' at one time.. if you need another, a resource closes down and opens the one needed so the workflow is not bogged down with disk access or so bloated notepad won't open.

And a modeller with an interface like a jumbojet (ie Max 3D) would not be fun to deal with but in Max's case is necessary it seems to utilize it to the fullest.

Hope that helps.
Posted on 2002-04-25 02:21:43 by drarem
I think I will post my 2 sense worth in since i have used quite a few 3D Modellers and none of them have lived up to my expectations..

Second of all whoever posted the idea of a commandline .. that is an ice idea.. but i think you should do something like we did back in the days of the "SuperCalc" (Please bear with me)

you have a command line and above you have 2 or 3 lines that show the current commands

eg you type / and it gives a list of available options.. like sub menus
type in something and go / again and it dives to the sub menu..

Also toolbars.. toolbars galore :) and lots of configurable hot keys :)

And a Better way to navigate through objects.. like. being able to hold control/alt/shift keys in combos and doing differnt things

and in Paint Brush if you hit shift key it makes a straight line.. ? how about doing the same thing with a stretch.. being able tohave a point or a selected object follow a circle of certain length
or a certain predefined path....

and being able to have customizeable 2D Views?
Posted on 2002-04-25 23:43:59 by Volcano_88101
OpenGL supports Nurbs but i'll betcha no hardware really supports it cause all Open GL is usually slow at least on the over 20 differnt machines with state of the art Video Acclerators that ihave seen..

I think we should create a developing team :)

that would be fun..
Posted on 2002-04-25 23:59:57 by Volcano_88101
I wanna see this thing support Frame Hierarchy / Bone Models , Animations etc cmon all the goodies for animated models please.
Posted on 2002-05-15 03:47:36 by Homer
Oh and this would be just awesome...
a lot of modelling programs have a built-in 2d editor , so you can touch up a mesh texture without swapping between applications and re-loading the texture between edits.
Would it not RAWK if we could edit the texture ON THE MODEL???
THINK ABOUT IT !!! It would be a situation where we edit the texture on a face by face basis. We wouls select a face, and the model would be rotated to bring that face normal to the camera, ie bringing it into 2d. now we can directly edit the texture on that face, and we simply calculate texture positions (u,v) under the mouse cursor (see software texture rending) and identify and alter the pixel in our master 2d texture.
This would be a dream come true - to be able to rotate a model in 3d and touch up the 2d texture artwork as it appears in 3d.
Does anyone actually have a tool which can do this?
Posted on 2002-05-18 00:26:51 by Homer
Afternoon, EvilHomer2k.

...It would be a situation where we edit the texture on a face by face basis....

Yep. That was where I was up to, when I decided to put it on hold while building an Image editor.

Getting the u & v texture coordinates under the mousecursor for drawing isn't a problem (as you said, there're examples on how to do this).

It'd be quite easy to allow the user to be able to "drag" the section of texture on a single face about (by just changing the texture coords for each vertice on a selected face).

Thanks for the input.

Posted on 2002-05-18 02:50:37 by Scronty