If you have a use for CPUID and RDTSC, just make sure you change the cpu mode with lines like,


Just keep tweaking it uphill until it builds.

.586 etc ..

CPUID clears the cache so that you reduce the error when using RDTSC.

Posted on 2002-02-17 17:50:36 by hutch--

I should have posted a warning when using INVD :) he! he! , No problem, Maverick :alright:
You're welcome:)
Posted on 2002-02-17 18:11:29 by Maverick

CPUID clears the cache so that you reduce the error when using RDTSC.
Sorry Hutch but it really doesn't ;)
I've said it many times already, damn I don't want to sound pedantic but I don't think it's pedantic to stress it, since if one needs to clear the cache (and there are very good reasons to need it sometimes) then he will not get that effect by using CPUID, and his/her program will malfunction.

WBINVD = flush the caches in a proper way
CPUID = flush the CPU pipeline

I hope that is useful.

Posted on 2002-02-17 18:15:09 by Maverick
I'm sure your trying to do something deeper but i found this in the

Posted on 2002-02-18 06:30:23 by cmax
Sorry Maverick, its brain out of gear, CPUID only clears the pipeline and thats what I have used it for, before RDTSC to stabilise results.

My excuse is senile decay. :tongue:

Posted on 2002-02-18 06:36:39 by hutch--
Well, I remember I have that too.. thus I can't have it. :tongue:
I mean, I can NOT have Alzheimer, else I would *recall* that I have it. :grin:

Posted on 2002-02-18 07:21:19 by Maverick