I may be going a bit overboard with this question but I am learning a lot more about PE now...

Is it possible to delete any section "IN MEMORY only "while your program is just starting up... Lets say I want to delete or free all memory that the .data section is using because my data section don't have much i will be using after the program has start up .... I be thrill to learn how to do this if possible...

WHY ... for the heck of it...I want to cut any little bitty thing that is not needed (while Running) in my program.

If not sorry about the question but i got to get it off my chest and know if it can be done or not...

PE is beginning to seem simple....

I'ts a shocking to me ...

Posted on 2002-02-15 17:35:43 by cmax
I don't know how to delete a section but if you have a lot of data that you only need at the start maybe you could use a memory mapped file.
Posted on 2002-02-15 21:49:47 by Quantum
Well, I think you probably could nuke anything with a vxd.
Posted on 2002-02-16 05:01:59 by eet_1024
With a VXD or KMD, you should be able to purge away physical
pages that are not in use. You'd leave a hole in the linear address
space, but that's not all that bad. However, I think it's better to
rely on the windows VMM to page out things that are not in use...
or to stuff your data in an external file and use file mapping or
heap/virtualalloc for the data you only need temporarily.
Posted on 2002-02-16 06:16:24 by f0dder
memory mapped file being to mind a lot of possiblity. I intent to work with that very seriouly,

It's toooo deep but good coding is even deeper so nothing is IMPOSIBLE...

Posted on 2002-02-16 19:35:24 by cmax