I'm switching back and forth between the 16bit and 32bit versions of AoA books so that I can avoid the HLA stuff but avoid the obselete stuff and I've got a couple of questions.

Can a skip anything that talks about memory segments since it mentioned that protected mode doesn't use that?
The instructions parameters completely contridict each other between the two books, I think maybe because one is using the HLA compiler.
In one mov is src, dest and the other it's reversed:eek:, is there an instruction list for masm somewhere that'll clear this up for me so I know what goes where.
Posted on 2002-02-16 02:35:42 by WebSnozz
Intel syntax is: mov dest, src
This is what MASM, NASM, TASM, FASM, SpASM use.
Posted on 2002-02-16 03:02:03 by bitRAKE


Get the three manuals and give them a good read, they are the best around by a long way. This should help to get you there.

With Randy Hyde's old 16 bit AOA, forget the segment/offset stuff for 32 bit as its no use, his work on the basic instructions is very good and will help to get the basic concept across.

See if you can set up a test piece somewhere to play with and start writing your own test pieces, it will get you up to pace a lot faster.


Posted on 2002-02-16 03:36:05 by hutch--