Hi all,

This is the complete standalone package for ResEdit
including the source.

I have made several bug fixes since the last post.

Any further updates will be on my Web Site.

Let me know if you have suggestions or problems.


Posted on 2002-02-16 13:14:32 by Ewayne
I had bad graphic effect (NT 4.0 WS SP 5)
can't explain it English.
I made White rect and when I tried to draw a button inside that
thing happend.
Since I couldn't explain - may be you can see it on your OS if repead my experement.
Posted on 2002-02-17 10:33:40 by The Svin
To The Svin:

The only control that you can create another control
in is the Groupbox.

I think I duplicated your problem.

1. I drew a Static control.
2. I changed it to a white frame.
3. Then when you try to move or size it, the
control doesn't repaint properly.

Is that your problem?

I will try to find out why it's not repainting.

You can draw a control e.g. button and then draw
a frame around it.

Or draw a frame and then draw a button outside
of the frame and then move the button within the

But then you will have to use the Combobox on the
control panel to select the overlapped controls.


Posted on 2002-02-17 11:08:24 by Ewayne