I already started writing in ASM (using MASM) and the ICZ-TUTS are realy helpfull.
So now it's the 3rd day i'm writing in ASM an i fynally got my own window drawn :grin: .
but now i want to add Buttons and Listboxe and so on. You now.

In the threads i read till now. There stands something like "CreateWindowEx..." for doing this.
Is that rigth? Cause i thing this function is for creating windows. or am i wrong?

Posted on 2001-09-04 05:26:53 by Wolf_HFS

xor eax, eax = 31 C0 = 2 bytes
mov eax, 0 = B8 00 00 00 00 = 5 bytes
Posted on 2001-09-04 05:30:37 by f0dder
tnx too.
that's clear for me.

Posted on 2001-09-04 05:31:36 by Wolf_HFS
That's not the problem. I've already done ;)
But adding Buttons to this window i don't know how to do. :(

Posted on 2001-09-04 05:39:58 by Wolf_HFS
:eek: What???
Such easy.:grin:
I already uses and looked at the resource-files. But that seamed to be too easy.

Oh boy. ASM is such easy;)

big TNX

Posted on 2001-09-04 05:45:19 by Wolf_HFS
ummm yeah. I just looked at tut9 and Icz really wrote things pretty strange there. I have no idea why he some of that stuff.

Go ahead and try and figure out what he is doing there, but I don't garentee your success. THere is a MUCH easier way to do what he did using just the RC file. Aparently he decided he was to sexy to put it in the RC file besides the menu.

I can whip up a quick tutorial if you get stuck though.

Dang... 4am, and I still have like 6-7 more pages left on my paper to write by 8am, so I better get going...
Posted on 2001-09-04 05:52:38 by Kenny

tnx anyway.

Posted on 2001-09-04 05:54:23 by Wolf_HFS
Dang! Conner asked if there was a way for all of everything written on this message board to be downloaded. I guess he deleted his post... Here was my reply:

If they give me access to the mySQL server, I could make one pretty dang easy...
Posted on 2001-09-04 07:02:07 by Kenny
Hello All!

This is my first post here and I am very glad, to
be part of your community now.

Maybe a lot of questions may have been answered
before, so first of all I am trying to get an overview
of all messages...

Therefore my 1st question comes along here:

How can I download a complete history from this
community's server without browsing hours & hours??

Need to save money and time... as all of us have to, dont we?

Greetings from Berlin, Germany.

Conner Mayhem
Posted on 2001-09-04 07:10:04 by Conner
Thx for the fast reply Kenny!

Seems to me you are inside this website, listening to anything
being added just in time *G*

Hey, I just added my avatar pic to my profile, needed to try this first, as I am absolute beginner.

Greetings from Berlin.

Conner Mayhem
Posted on 2001-09-04 07:14:07 by Conner
Let me quote this from hutch:


Could we keep this topic for new members and programmers who are starting in assembler. We have many forums for many different things and policy matters, new forums and the like have their place but in a topic dedicated to new members, this is not the place.

We want new members to feel comfortable when they come here and this topic is a way for people to let us know they have joined and say "Hi" to everyone.

It is easy enough to make a new topic i any of the forums to have these matters heard so please leave this topic for new members.

I think the "beginner friendly forum" thread is being a bit... polluted :).
As I see it, it was mainly intended for new people to say "hi". With
the current type of posts, we migh end up with hundreds of pages :D
Posted on 2001-09-04 07:21:48 by f0dder
deleting some of my spam then...

THis message will be deleted in 2 hours, so don't worry about it.
Posted on 2001-09-04 07:35:10 by Kenny
Dunno if you should delete it.... at least not if it's important, or has
any information in it. Just don't post too much here, I guess :).
Posted on 2001-09-04 12:32:34 by f0dder
Hi, I posted a thread UrlDecode and I'd really appreciate any comments on that. Not that I'm impatiently... but nobody might notice the thread when it's on "later pages".

I posted a replay on that myself. A try of optimizing the code...
I avoided a few jumps. Is that a good way?


Posted on 2001-09-05 03:02:14 by Butch77
Just a note to say hey and forewarn everyone. After a long hiatus from C programmer I want to get back into programming and I believe this will prove to be a good start. Thanks for all the people who make this possible.
Posted on 2001-09-18 19:36:14 by kosmickat
Clear out! Clear out! Make a hole! New ASM programmer here! MOVE IT!

hehehe, Hi all!

Can I "request" sample codes here? I know I'm jumping WAAAY ahead of myself here, but I'd like to know how to call a WinAPI function through ASM. Specifically "ReadProcessMemory" I've done this in VB6, but didn't always get the results I wanted. I just bought TASM 5, which has "New! Improved MASM 6.0 compatibility", so i think I'm in the right place :alright:. I also started reading The Revolutionary Guide to Assembly Language, but it might take a while to get to the point where I need to be. I'm the "learn-by-example" type :)
Posted on 2001-09-21 21:39:13 by XECRVTBY

lots of other source code at http://win32asm.cjb.net

have fun,
Posted on 2001-09-21 22:25:15 by Ahner
WOW! A response within an hour!!!!

Thanks Ahner, I greatly appreciate that .txt That link's gonna come in handy too.

This sure looks like it's gonna be fun. :D
Posted on 2001-09-22 18:57:38 by XECRVTBY
wow this place is the proverbial oasis in the badlands! hope to be able to contribute some worthy bits here and there.
Posted on 2001-09-25 18:54:22 by mar1boro
Hello, I'm Vital Zero, just signed in today.
I like assembly a lot, just the fact that is powerful and fast (the best programming language IMO), I dont care takes me years to learn it, but i will learn it someday.
I already downloaded masm32 with hutch's package and Iczelion's tutorials, I really love it, btw, I dont know anything of another language, assembly is the first language I'm learning (by myself).

Oh well, just post this to say hi.
Posted on 2001-10-02 15:21:48 by Vital Zero