Hi! KetilO

I've used RadASM for a long time, I very like it, but I found the biggest problem is unstability, especially after using a short time, it maybe respond message so slowly, such as paste, creating find or replace dialog, the extreme is exit without any prompt, and GFP was also showed frequently, my OS is WinXP, To use it normaly, I must reboot my OS when it chang unstably. I think my WinXP is OK as run other application very normally
KetilO, can U tell me why? sorry for my bad english.

Posted on 2002-02-17 10:46:33 by dREAMtHEATER

Yes, RadASM 1.0.9 are unstable. This is caused by stack overflow in the syntax hiliting routine. It does not help to turn hiliting off. I will post 1.1.0 in a few days. Sorry for this, but the lack of serious bug testers does not make it easy to trap bugs prior to releases. :(

Posted on 2002-02-17 11:30:37 by KetilO
To KetilO:

I was playing around with your RadAsm last night,
sort of comparing it with my AsmEdit and RadAsm
crashed 5 times in a half hour and I was going to
send you a post, but someone beat me to it.

If you would like, I will return a favor for you
after testing my ResAsm. I will put your next
RadAsm through the wringer and if you would like
I will send you my print routine that I have in
AsmEdit. It will print in color, but not the
syntax highlighting.

Posted on 2002-02-17 12:33:12 by Ewayne
Thanks Ewayne, that would be great.
I had no idea that RadASM was this unstable on NT. I must hurry up getting out my next version.

Posted on 2002-02-17 15:20:19 by KetilO
Yea dude I cant even make controls or anything like i have heard about RADASM. I would very much like to use it. do you have a site? if so send me the url dark_devil28@hotmail.com. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thx

Posted on 2002-04-04 22:01:20 by resistance_is_futile
Posted on 2002-04-04 23:01:11 by bitRAKE