I would like to create a window (password window)in windows ME that can not be closed and whitch does not alow ctrl+alt+del to happen (or other stuf like that to close my prog).
(I want to create a hidden program that lock's the computer until i return . My brother is very resourceful)
Can u help me ? Winth this ME roblem ?
I did a prog that used a vxd on windows 95 - worked fine but i need one that work's on ME (i had to uprgrade :) )

Posted on 2002-02-18 03:39:27 by Rosky
In ME vxd works too
Posted on 2002-02-18 03:47:12 by masquer
WOW that makes my life Beautiful :grin:
I have to try :) the prog :)
Do u have any knowledge about some tutorials ? which i could use ?
Posted on 2002-02-18 04:24:11 by Rosky