I started posting my questions in bitRakes thread but found they are not the same so quit poaching. I'm trying to force memory dump to index.dat files and cmax suggested FlushInstructionCache. Does this proc work in Win 9.x? and how to get hProcess.

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Posted on 2002-02-18 10:03:05 by czDrillard
Has nothing to do with the internet cache, czDrillard. There's instruction
cache, filesystem cache, internet cache, icon cache... so as you can
see, "cache" is a pretty generic word. Better be specific when you
ask about "the cache" ;).
Posted on 2002-02-18 10:21:16 by f0dder
I did not know you guys were taking about the internet cache. I been trying to figure out how to delete the junk in the Temporary Internet Files for years. It's seem that there only programming lag that can do it and that is Delphi.

Only one person was trying to do that here on the board in ASM but his code did not work,, remember.... That something that should beable to be done on GP in ASM...

If the internet cache is what everybody is taking about it should start in that forder i think...no dos should be needed if we really knew what to do....I'm sure It can be done in asm JUST on GP !!! That can never be a secrete....To much garbach out there that do it for you already (while all at the same time srewing up you machine)[

SIZE=1]"What is the best way to ensure the cache is clear on an x86 processor? (Besides rebooting the machine. ) Both instruction and data cache."

re-boot Information is still in the folder...
Posted on 2002-02-18 11:21:16 by cmax
I'm no expert on cache especially index.dat(Internet Cache), I happen to use a freeware before that does this, it's called spider, it cleans the index.dat file, and you can get it at www.webattack.com maybe you can do something about the exe. :)

If ur using windows 2000 just login as another user and goto

C:\Documents and Settings\ WhateverTheUserNamesIndexDatFileYouWantToDelete\Local Setting\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5 and delete the entire files when you login back there will be four folders, just delete those. and ur index.dat will go back to 32kb

The direct url is: http://www.webattack.com/Freeware/security/fwcookie.shtml

Oh and before I forgot, when it says something that you are about to delete system files or something like that, ignore it, it works perfectly for me, nothing happened on my win2k

P.S. index.dat with filesize 32kb, i think is the default size.
Posted on 2002-02-18 11:28:44 by stryker
umberg6007, was that you with the cache web site info...It's is Great Reading...

See ya
Posted on 2002-02-18 11:32:25 by cmax
Hey czDrillard, sorry i was taking about you all the time. I just went back to check... Delete IE Cache and/or Cookies

What happen was your web site NEVER ever do anything for that download and i did see source from somewhere that did not work... Maybe you don't know but i tried months ago with no results....

I had a sorce for Delphi long ago that worked like a charm but it got lost in a crashed hard drive. I wish i knew then what i know now...

I read deeperthis time in bitRake post and they taking about gutting the CPU... Far beyond what i was thinking... Sorry about the confussion on my part....
Posted on 2002-02-18 12:14:15 by cmax
My apologies over the confusion. I want to dump the contents of the index.dat files from memory to the hard disk. Not delete the files. When I examine the index.dat files after closing my browser I notice that not all the urls, web pages are written to the disk until after I reboot or log off my computer. Strangely enough if I uninstall then reinstall my program these files will be written to the disk (index.dat file). I want to force these files to written now, without rebooting. Is this data not stored in some type of cache before it is written to files? Does anyone have any ideas?

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Posted on 2002-02-18 23:38:28 by czDrillard